Our previous video talked about the production process for bleaching gauze, which is the basic material for further production of gauze products. And among all those gauze products, Laparotomy Sponges are most widely used in surgical procedures. Before we introduce how to produce Laparotomy Sponges, we’d like to give a brief overview of this product.

What is Laparotomy Sponge?

Laparotomy sponges, also referred to as a lap sponge or abdominal pad, is an absorbent pad that is used during surgical procedures, especially operations involving the abdominal region.

The sponge assists in keeping the surgical site free of body fluids such as blood, providing surgeons with a clear field of view and a clean work space. They adapt very easily and allow preventing the potential contamination of the wound.

These things are essential for a successful surgery to be performed. A laparotomy sponge can also be used to cease blood flow by applying pressure onto the bleeding wound.

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How To Choose the Right Laparotomy Sponges?

Option 1: With blue ribbon or without

Some lap sponges have a blue ribbon placed in one of its corners in order to easily remove them, and prevent them from being forgotten during the closing of the wound in the surgical procedure.

Option 2: With X-ray thread/chip or without

The benefit of using detectable X-ray is to avoid the patient from the additional operative procedure in cases when a lap sponge remains in the body of the patient after closure.

For identification of the X-ray detectable element and to trace the sponge when flooded with blood during the surgical procedure, the X-ray detectable element is ideally made with suitable color which contrasts sharply with blood, preferably of blue color element used.


Option 3: Pre-washed or unwashed

Sponges are available pre-washed or unwashed.

The pre-washed variant is more effective at absorbing fluids, because it’s softer and is the more popular choice in surgical procedures.

Option 4: Bleached white or dyed

For some specific markets, customers will require specifically dyed colors like green or blue color.

Option 5: Sterile or non-steriled

Sponges are available as either sterile or non-sterile.

Sterile laparotomy sponges can be applied directly to the wound. Non-sterilized sponges are used to soak up fluids when there is no direct contact with the wound.

Their package is also different.