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Hand-made Gauze Balls

Check this video to see how the hand-folded gauze ball was made. Amazing folding.

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Nonwoven Caps Presentation

For nonwoven caps, there’re several types and those two mentioned in the video are the most popular ones. Most customers prefer to clip caps, as they’re less bulky and could be loaded more in one container. Contact Us for more information. Email: info@3wsmed.com  

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The history of Band-Aids

Do you know the invention history of a band-aid? And what’s the revolution of this item? 3WSMED is able to supply a variety of light, medium, and deep shades of brown and black skin tones of band-aids designs. Check this video!

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Market Tips for Elastic Bandages

Do you know which type of elastic bandages is popular in North America? What’re the clips on the bandages? Check this video to learn more about it.

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3 important factors for medical gauze inspection

Do you know how to measure the size of the gauze product? How to check the layers of gauze swabs? What’s Mesh? Check the video and get the answers.

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6 SECRETS Non Woven Manufacturers DON’T Want Customers to Know

Due to the COVID pandemic, many buyers emerged into the medical and healthcare field and wanted to get some business for epidemic prevention products. The market suddenly becomes a mess and always heard scams or traps in it. However, YOU, as a buyer, or distributor, or supplier of medical products, do you really know the

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Approval Inspection for Class II Medical Devices Licensing

3WSMED got approval inspection from Market Supervision and Administration for Class II Medical Devices Licensing. All our facilities and management are in line with national regulations and international practices.

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Why Mandatory Masks Matters?

As countries around the world reopen their economies amid ongoing corona virus outbreaks, governments are increasingly embracing what remains in some places a divisive public health measure: mandatory masks. England is set to begin enforcing new rules that make masks mandatory inside supermarkets and other shops from July 24th. While in France, face covering will

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