After a long hiatus from your business, we know you are eager to open your doors and get back to office serving your customers. However, once businesses in your state have been given the greenlight to open from the safer-at-home order, it is vital for everyone to know how to work safely and how to create a COVID-19 safe environment.
Here are some guidelines that workplaces are suggested to follow in order to keep our staff safe while at work.

1. Estimate the risk that staff back to workplace
For reopening workplace, employers should firstly follow the guidelines from local government or organization, such as CDC, to reduce the risk of workplace exposure to COVID-19 for all employees.
To estimate the risk for staff back to workplace, the employers should get an investigation for all employees, about how they maintain hygiene levels in daily life, etc.
What’s more, employers could provide your staff with specific guidelines in workplace, which includes whether they should return to work, how to do when get into workplace, how to keep distance with colleagues, etc.
If there’re enough budgets, it’s better to make COVID-19 test for all staffs before returning back to workplace from home, this is safe for everyone. In China, especially in Wuhan, we have accepted COVID-19 test no less than twice, all citizens in Wuhan accepted free test from government, and some accepted test before returning back workplace.

2. Provide cleaning, handwashing, sterilization and hygiene environment
Personal hygiene is pretty important to company hygiene. So the employers should make sure that employees regularly wipe down shared spaces and set aside additional time during closing hours to sanitize all equipment that comes in contact with employees or customers.
Emphasizing regular, thorough hand washing for at least 30 seconds is one of the key strategies for preventing the spread of coronavirus. If running water is not available, disposable alcohol-based hand towels with at least 75% alcohol content can also kill virus effectively. Place wipes or hand sanitizer at high-traffic areas as well.
Provide adequate hand drying facilities such as paper towels or electrical dryers
In China, government will make investigation before reopening business or workplace for companies, mostly about whether employers prepared enough sanitary equipment or consumables, if not, they will not get approval to reopen business.
nonwoven face mask

3. Encourage people work from home, better not have business trip around
If your staff are able to work at home, it’s better to encourage them to do so. Make sure they have the equipment they need to do their job and they’re in all necessary communications. One more important thing is, you need to look after their physical and mental health as well when they work at home.
Here we have another suggestion for those staff in one department willing to have better communications, that is limited hours for operation, or limited working hours for different departments.

4. Make sure there’s safe social distanced work environment
Social distancing can reduce the chance of spreading or catching Coronavirus. This can be maintained by:

• Putting up signs to remind workers and visitors of social distancing guidance
• Avoid sharing workstations
• Using floor tape or paint to mark areas to help people keep to a 2m distance
• Creating a one-way system in the workplace, if possible
• Use screens or barriers to separate people
• Having split shifts so that too many people aren’t in the workplace at once
• Increase air exchanges in rooms
• Avoid sharing phones, headsets or other objects that are used near mouth or nose.

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