As countries around the world reopen their economies amid ongoing corona virus outbreaks, governments are increasingly embracing what remains in some places a divisive public health measure: mandatory masks.

England is set to begin enforcing new rules that make masks mandatory inside supermarkets and other shops from July 24th. While in France, face covering will be required in all public enclosed spaces.

It’s striking on the face of it that essentially every country that has used masks has done better than every country that hasn’t. The universal use of face masks in public could significantly reduce the spread of the virus, and if paired with lockdowns, prevent future waves of infection. In Wuhan, where firstly found the COVID-19 outbreak, masks are understood to be an effective means to stop the spread of virus even without mandatory regulations for that. In Japan, where the government initially faced criticism for not doing enough to prevent a massive outbreak, people soon adopted to everyday masks use, made easier in part because face coverings were already in common use.

Recently the World Health Organization has issued new guidance on the spread of COVID-19. There’s possibility of airborne transmission and aerosol transmission as one of the modes of transmission of the virus, which makes it more important to wear masks and stay social distance.

Masks are very low cost and high available thing that everyone can do in this fight of COVID-19. Choosing a comfortable face masks is also quite important as it is essential for our current daily life. Some unqualified masks will cause some irritations and annoyances, like maskne/acne, ear pain and glasses fog.

3WSMED face masks provide comfortable skin-friendly nonwoven fabric with medical level BFE 99% melt-blown fabric to protect you from virus. The earloops along with the face masks could be flat and wide one, which is suitable for your ears, won’t cause any ear pains. And the shape of face masks cover your face very well, the nasal clip is flexible to adjust when you wearing it as well as you’re wearing glasses, and it won’t cause glasses fog if the nasal clip covers the shape of your nose and masks covering your face well.


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